Real food doesn’t have to be expensive.


We can help.

How it Works

Number 1Get the Plan.

Download the plan that’s best for you. It’s ready before the month even begins, so you and your kitchen can be ready to go before the calendar flips over.


Number 2Shop the List.

Using the money-saving resources provided, shop your kitchen and local sales. Save money by shopping less often and buying only what you need.


Number 3Prepare, Eat and Enjoy.

Prepare and eat delicious meals, and enjoy the freedom that comes from eating real food on a real budget.



A Meal Plan Created with Your Budget in Mind_no words

Over 55 Meals Every Month


dinner every night, plus breakfast, lunch and dessert

Complete Shopping Lists


once a month for bulk shopping and weekly for perishable items

Detailed Prep Lists


helping you get ahead for busier days

Price Guides


so you know immediately whether an item is a good deal or not

Frugal Recipe Modifications


every recipe is reviewed with a fine-toothed comb, eliminating expensive ingredients you’ll only use once

Ideas for Hosting Company


have family and friends over without stressing over food or the budget

Substitution Lists


simple swaps to keep the shopping list at a minimum

Money Saving Tips


tons to get you started plus new exclusive tips with each new meal plan

Slow Cooker Meals


included every week to reduce your workload

Freezer Meals


opportunities to cook extra and save for a busy night

Budgeting Tools


a full library helping you keep your grocery budget in check

Easy to Use


get anywhere within the meal plan with a tap of your finger or click of a button

Whether it’s for one season or one year,


let us take meal planning off your to-do list


so you can focus on feeding your family healthy food without spending a lot of money.

What People are Saying

Although I’m a grain-free blogger, I can’t recommend Frugal Real Food Meal Plans enough to those who are living a whole grain, real food lifestyle. From the confidence of learning how to meal plan and budget, to the time and money savings in all of the awesome tips and strategies, Frugal Real Food Meal Plans will definitely make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable!


The Nourishing Home

Frugal Real Food Meal plans takes the “planning” out of meal planning! I LOVE that. With a busy life and family, having the lists, prep work and recipes done for me takes a little stress out of my life.


Real Food Eater

The biggest objection I hear from people who say they can’t eat real food all the time is the cost. Yes, it can be expensive, but it’s doesn’t have to be. Tiffany has given us an amazing tool to not only eat real food so we can lead healthy lives, but also save money while doing it with easy to follow meal plans. That is awesome!


Beauty in the Mess

Tiffany has mastered the art of buying great food on a shoestring budget, and her Frugal Real Food Meal Plans are the perfect way to extend that gift to countless families. This is easily the most thorough meal plan service I’ve ever seen – rarely do you see breakfast and lunch recipes, budgeting tips, and weekly as well as monthly shopping lists in a single subscription. This is a must have for any frugal family!


Back to the Book Nutrition

What’s Included

55+ Meals Every Month

Complete Shopping Lists

Detailed Prep Lists

Price Guide

Frugal Recipe Modifications

Ideas for Hosting Company*

Substitution Lists*

Money Saving Tips

Slow Cooker Meals

Freezer Meals*

Budgeting Tools

Easy-to-Use Navigation

*included in the quarterly and one-year meal plans

The Resource Library

Choose from 2 different meal plan options:

The Current Season

Winter (January, February & March)
Spring (April, May & June)
Summer (July, August & September)
Fall (October, November & December)

OR One Full Year

Meet Tiffany

I’m Tiffany, a real food blogger passionate about feeding my family real food… on a real budget.

We used to eat the types of meals where you “just add this” to a box and dinner was ready in 5-7 minutes. Then my husband asked if we could eat real food… you know, the kind that came from plants and animals instead of a box.

I pulled out every money-saving trick I knew, and learned how to afford real food without spending a lot of money, and without using coupons. Lots of people asked if they could do the same thing.

I created Frugal Real Food Meal Plans as a way to teach people everything I’ve learned, so they can eat real food without going broke too.

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